The Royal Society plucked Rayo Vallecano to yield with Guridi

The great business of the Reala group with one of its sung discards since January

The sports management Real society couldn’t be happier with the deal they’re about to close with him Vallecano Ray in which it is immersed Jon Guridi. The midfielder only accumulated 281 minutes this season, although we must take into account the injury he suffered on August 23, which left him off the pitch for 3 months.

Still, the Rayista club was interested in adding the Basque midfielder at the explicit request of Iraolaand the intensity that the coach impressed on the operation was so great that the sports management led by David Cobeno, will pay more than the San Sebastian team expected. A round deal for Roberto Olabe and your team.

Guridi Lightning
For the Reala club, the sale of Guridi for triple its value is a fabulous gain.

Rayo Vallecano paid triple what Jon Guridi cost

To analyze in detail the operation that the Rayista and the Basque club are about to close, Jon Guridi is valued at 1 million euros, and the Madrid team will pay 3 kilos. In addition, it is a discard sung since January by Imanol Alguacil, who saw in the Basque midfielder a place that could be occupied by another player.

His indiscriminate ostracism led the player to ask to leave the Reala club and Rayo appeared as a divine sign on his way. Now it only remains to wait to fix some fringes in the operation to make the signing of Jon Guridi official. With this it would be the third team in his sports career.

Iraola has already moved chips at Rayo Vallecano to receive the signing of Jon Guridi

The Basque coach already knows which of his midfielders will step aside for the 2022-23 season. At the moment it is Unai López who is in the outbox or better, the one who will return to Athletic after completing his loan in Vallecas. For the coach, his presence in the tactical scheme was valuable, but he has plans with Guridi.

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In this way, the man from Azpeiti will arrive to replace the man from San Sebastian, and his role in the Rayista squad will be much more important than it was in the Reala team. Guridi hopes that his arrival in Vallecas will put his career back in permanent competition, since the ostracism he faced under the orders of the Sheriff greatly affected his level.

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