The risk for Fernando Alonso if he signs with Mercedes

The Silver Arrows team remains very interested in adding the Oviedo native to their team.

Fernando Alonso still doesn’t define his immediate future And the open secrets that connect him to Mercedes continue to grow. And the team, which recently learned of Lewis Hamilton’s decision to move to Ferrari, is looking for a driver with experience and guarantees for 2025. That is why it has focused on the Spanish veteran, who ends his contract with Aston Martin this year.

Let’s remember this Fernando Alonso didn’t have a particularly good relationship with Mercedes on behalf of Toto Wolff. Both have had some confrontations in the past that made their entry into the “Silver Arrows” team a little more difficult. However, for the team leader, this is a thing of the past and he wants to have quality troops.

Fernando Alonso Mercedes
The man from Oviedo has doubts about his move to Mercedes

Fernando Alonso is still in the Mercedes environment, but the man from Oviedo has doubts about this move

In this way, it was established that although it is a tempting target for the two-time Formula 1 world champion, it can also represent a risk. All because of the role they would play on this team in the future. As we expected in GOL digital, the Brackley team’s idea is to add Andree Antonelli to their team in the future. He is one of the new talents on which great expectations are placed.

In this order of ideas, The risk Fernando Alonso now takes by signing with Mercedes is linked to his eventual departure the following year to land with the Toto-Wolff structure. And the idea for 2025 is to include one of the young drivers who has shown promise since foraying into smaller categories of motorsport. There were rumors that the man from Oviedo would be his mentor, but that is not entirely clear.

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The Spaniard could leave the team in 2025 when the promised Antonelli arrives

With this in mind, the two-time champion must consider what will happen to his career at the end of this season. Mike Krack has plans to continue competing with the emerald monkey. But it will be crucial that they have a winning car. If not, you can take other routes to secure a new title.

Then we have to wait and see what might happen with the future of Alonso and Mercedes. Although the offer they can make you is tempting, He doesn’t want to lose importance and no longer be in the squad for next season. At some point the “Silver Arrows” want to free up one of their spots for Antonelli and “Nano” hopes that it won’t be his.

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