The reasons of the boss of Aston Martin to sign Fernando Alonso

Mike Krack, team manager, considers the Asturian a force to advance to success

one of the great Doubts that has generated the signing of Fernando Alonso by Aston-Martin is why he leaves a team he aspires to as objective realistic by one that is currently penultimate on the grid. After seeing where he was going Alpine, Alonso He assured that he saw the project of the most exciting British team.

In this sense, the team Silverstone it is clear that they are on the ascending line and set the bar for the maximum in the medium term. “The signing of Fernando is a clear statement of our intentions at Aston Martin F1. We are not on the grid to fatten up the statistics. We are here to win,” he said. mike krack.

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Alonso’s new boss highlights that he is a top-level driver who leaves nothing to chance

From Aston Martin they have all the faith put in the experience of Fernando Alonso

For the Luxembourg engineer, Alonso has “that killer instinct” that makes teams go one step further. “You know that Fernando will always give his all: he always pushes 100%, always gets the most out of the car and the team. His running form is exceptional, a formidable combination, instinct and intelligence”, he praises.

In that sense, Krack warns that Alonso’s presence will also be a change from what has been seen with Sebastian Vettel, to whom he slides a ‘stick’ after not meeting expectations. “Fernando will be a driving force as we move forward together and I looked forward to working with him,” he says.

Improving the car is one of the most important strategies of the British team

One of the big problems for Alpine this season is that, despite having a relatively competitive car, it is not at all reliable. The mechanical problems have significantly weighed down an Alonso who numbered the loss of points at “50 or 60”. In this sense, Aston Martin has opted for the opposite path.

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“We must focus on improving the car. Reliability, for example, has been one of our strengths: our car has completed the second most laps this season and that says a lot about the quality of our work and our processes: we can deliver a reliable car under pressure.” Crack.

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