The real difference between Aston Martin and Red Bull: what Fernando Alonso is missing

The team of the Asturian Formula 1 driver finds the key piece to overcome the leader of the 2023 championship for the next races

In a season full of ups and downs and surprises, Aston Martin He has displayed formidable strength. Despite facing powerful competitors like Red Bull and Mercedes, the team is ranked second in the constructors’ table of the World Championship. However, the Silverstone team still has Red Bull, the current leader, as its reference.

Dan Fallows, Aston Martin’s technical director, admits that the AMR23 can still be improved in all aspects. “We need to consider where we are in relation to Red Bull,” he said. While Aston Martin’s strength is acknowledged in some areas, optimizing the car for each specific track is critical.

Aston Martin tries to overtake Red Bull

The art of evolution in F1: Red Bull vs Aston Martin

Adaptability to different tracks it has become a crucial part of Aston Martin’s strategy. This means that sometimes, the low speed and high speed cornering aspects may not be as strong as other competitors. The Red Bull, by comparison, has evolved longer than the AMR23. Aston Martin switched to a new concept in the previous year and it is still under development.

Although there has been significant progress this year, there is still a long way to go. Fallows claims that the car needs to improve in all aspects, instead of highlighting a single area for improvement. Despite the need for improvement, Fallows points out that the Aston Martin is a well-rounded car, with no particular flaws. “I think we have managed to generate a car that is quite capable in different areas. We can adjust it to what we think is optimal for that particular track,” he noted.

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A look to the future: What awaits Aston Martin?

Aston Martin has managed to find a balance, with no significant weaknesses at this time. However, the team is not satisfied and looks to build on the speed they already have, continuing with the same philosophy. Although Red Bull has been known for its straight-line performance and its DRS system, Fallows argues that the team should not focus too much on these aspects. Instead, they should look to optimize their lap time at each track and be aware of what their competitors are doing.

When asked if Aston Martin could win this year, Fallows commented: “I would love to say that a win is possible this season. There are some circuits where the specific characteristics of the cars can play to your advantage, like in Monaco. But, we are realistic about our current situation and our focus is on maximizing the performance of the car in the shortest possible time.”

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