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The RCDE Stadium gets rid of sanction this season

The RCDE Stadium gets rid of sanction this season

Espanyol will be able to finish the two games that remain in the championship at the RCDE Stadium, against Atlético de Madrid and Almería, normally. The incidents of the past derby, in which hundreds of fans jumped onto the pitch after the match was over while the Barça players ran to the locker room after celebrating the League title in the center of the field, will bring consequences but not immediately. The Competition Committee has opened this Wednesday an extraordinary file on these facts.

After receiving complaints from Department of Integrity and Security of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) and the report of the Technical Committee of Referees, the Competition Committee has followed the steps that are set out in the Federal Disciplinary Code. The first thing has been to appoint an investigating judge to study the case and who must submit the sanction proposal within a month to this federative body. In this way, the possible sanctions, both financial and sporting, would not affect this season.

The Barça circle.JOAN M. BASCUDiaryAS

The sanction could be known at the beginning of July, although another process is opened later in which the blue and white club could appeal it to the Court of Appeal and later, if they are not agreed, to the TAS. The blue and white club is exposed to a wide range of possibilities after the incidents that took place last Sunday after the end of the derby. Everything will depend on the degree of seriousness that the investigating judge grants to the facts.

In the event that the event is very serious (the integrity of the Barça players was in danger), the sanction ranges between 18,001 and 90,000 euros in addition to the closure of the stadium or part of the Grada Canito from one day to one season, as established by the sanctioning code. If the act is defined as serious, the fine remains at 6,000 euros and the closure of the stadium or that part of the stands during a match is still at stake.

The fans, at the RCDE Stadium.LUIS GENEAFP

LaLiga denounces several chants from the Grada Canito to Barça and Chen

In the LaLiga report published this afternoon, there are several points that concern the derby on Sunday and what happened throughout the match in the Grada Canito, the sector from which all the chants and insults that the informant collected come from. These comments were directed mainly at Barcelona (“whore Barça”, “Xavi son of a bitch” coming from an unidentified fan) and at Espanyol’s top shareholder, Chen Yansheng, as “Chinese go away now” or “Chen Yansheng son of a bitch”. .

The report also highlights that the invasion of the field came mainly from the Cornellà Goal area and highlights Espanyol’s preventive methods to increase security in that sector. “It must be indicated, and according to information provided by the local club, that for this meeting the club itself had increased the usual private security device, going from 107 to 167 security guards, and from 390 to 460 security assistants.”

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