The president of Athletic applies the Urrutia method to TeleBilbao

Jon Uriarte emulates the one who was also the highest president of Ibaigane in the informative treatment of media such as Edu Velasco’s

The dispute between the Athletic Y TeleBilbao comes from the time of Urrutia. In those days, the leaks that came out of the athleticzale team always went to a single place, El Correo. For this reason, Edu Velasco, visible head of TeleBilbao, began a brutal campaign against the club.

Now Edu Velasco is even more in the media, as he is one of Pedrerol’s henchmen at El Chiringuito. In Madrid he can make noise, but in Bilbao they have him very deep. In fact, the athleticzales are convinced that it is not from Athletic, but from where the money moves, in this case in TeleBilbao and El Chiringuito.

Edu Velasco from TeleBilbao confronted with the president of Athletic

Athletic and TeleBilbao always in a fight

The attitude of Jon Uriarte, president of Athletic, with TeleBilbao, seems to be in the same vein than in previous years. What is already known as the Urrutia method. Nothing is leaked to TeleBilbao and they are not given a lot of balls with interviews either. Some courtesy visit and little else.

It is here where the figure of Edu Velasco explodes. A character who has learned everything there is to learn from Josep Pedrerol. If they don’t give prominence to his media, he messes it up. It is no coincidence, therefore, that on the day the transfer market ended, he left a critical message on the networks. He doesn’t name anyone, but anyone in the know knows what we’re talking about.

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Velasco’s thunderous message

“History repeats itself. Beware of posts from the past on networks, because they can be lethal. Anyway… disoriented and disappointed ”, Velasco dropped on his Twitter account on the afternoon of the last day of the market. The comments speak for themselves.

And it is that the TeleBilbao journalist thought that in this new era of Athletic with Jon Uriarte he would have more access at the information. The answer to be negative. Luckily, athleticzales fans know very well which foot he limps and they give him little ball too.

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