The president of Athletic advocates loyalty to San Mamés for tickets to the cup final

Jon Uriarte guarantees transparency and fairness, but not all members have the same chance of purchasing a ticket to such a dream game

The allocation of tickets for the Copa del Rey final is becoming an event almost as anticipated as the game itself, especially for the avid Athletic Club fans. Thanks to the policy of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), which grants each finalist 40% of La Cartuja’s capacity, you will have around 20,500 seats at your disposal. Jon Uriarte’s board faces the important task of deciding how to distribute these valuable tickets between its partners and institutional commitments.

Expectations are high, even more so considering that the last final in which the red-white team took part was played without an audience, so demand for this emblematic event is expected to be exceptionally high. The ticket distribution system, a decision that is close to the hearts of fanswill reflect the club’s values: justice, transparency and passion for football.

Tickets for the cup final
Jon Uriarte has guaranteed a transparent raffle of tickets for the final among members

Cup final tickets, a treasure in Bilbao

The last time the Athletic Club had a mechanism to distribute tickets to a final was in 2015., in a game against Barcelona at Camp Nou. On this occasion, a drawing system similar to that of Etxebide was used, in which each member was assigned a number for the drawing, which created great expectations and nervousness among the social masses.

In 2012, the story had even more nuance as it was told the cooperation of the state lottery and betting agency in conducting a draw with one of their Christmas drums. A gesture that gave the process a touch of magic and chance when José Ángel Iribar, the club legend, drew the winning number.

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However, Not all experiences were completely transparent or problem-free. In 2009, complications arose due to double registrations for the draw, a scenario that the club will certainly want to avoid this time by learning from the lessons of the past.

A massive expulsion to La Cartuja in Seville is expected

Deciding how to distribute tickets is more than logistical; It is a topic that directly touches the soul of the club and its fans. Known for their loyalty and passion, Athletic members expect a process that does more than just benefit them the opportunity to have a presence in La Cartujabut also reflects the community spirit and passion that defines Athletic.

Jon Uriarte’s board is faced with a unique opportunity to strengthen the connection with its social base and show that ticket management can be carried out in a way that makes all fans feel valued and part of the red and white family. Transparency and equity will be key These are elements that not only strengthen trust in the board, but also strengthen the unity and unconditional support of the team on their way to the final.

While, The Athletic Club is preparing for one of the most important games in its recent historyThe focus is on both the field and the stands. The way tickets for this event are managed not only determines who has the privilege of supporting the team from the stands, but also reflects the values ​​and identity of one of Spanish football’s most passionate fans. The expectation is great, but the confidence that the right decisions will be made is even greater.

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