The player with the most turnovers in Qatar 2022 plays for Atlético

The central defender that Atlético needs is a free agent

Some key data from the first day of the World Cup are already beginning to be revealed, which surprises

Data is a key aspect in the Qatar World Cupwhere interesting statistics have begun to be known and one of the ones that stands out is that of the player with the most lost the ball. This is part of the Atletico Madrid and he was part of one of the great surprises that occurred in the debut of several national teams.

Let us remember that in the 2022 World Cup a good number of unpredictable results have been presented. Even one of them had to do directly with the defeat of a local in the World Cup debut. This occurred in Ecuador’s victory over the Qatari team, which could not have a prominent role.

turnovers Qatar
De Paul was one of the underperforming footballers at the start of the World Cup

An Atlético player wins the ‘award’ for the one who had the most turnovers in Argentina’s debut in Qatar

Now, the data of the player with the most turnovers in Qatar comes to light, who in turn is part of the surprise of day 1. We are referring to the game that Argentina lost against Saudi Arabia, being one of the hits of the event World Cup this year. There, a player came to light and not precisely because of his good performance.

In this way, Rodrigo de Paul is the one involved in this statistic. The Atlético de Madrid midfielder, a squad where he has not performed at the level that Simeone expected, has won a title after the debut of the albiceleste. In addition to that, he has also been the first in another item.

Rodrigo de Paul has also been imprecise when it comes to passing

In that order of ideas, the Argentine had 23 turnovers at the start of the World Cup in Qatar. In addition to this, he also stood out for being one of the midfielders who gave 20 inaccurate passes in all the games that were played on the first World Cup day. Without a doubt, it was quite a surprise.

Argentina will have a hard job in the two games that remain, since they will have to win both to aspire to a new phase in the World Cup. For now, there are still many aspects to correct by Lionel Scaloni, who has been widely criticized for the decisions he made against Arabia.


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