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The plague of injuries continues

The plague of injuries continues

At the time, no importance was attached to the Marini’s press appearance at Le Mans, where the Italian made an appearance before the media with a bandage on his right hand after going through the medical center after the fall that he starred in at the beginning of the career with Álex Márquez. It was the pilot himself who downplayed the matter: “I only have pain in the thumbs because when I hit the ground with my hands, it was a big impact. But everything’s fine. Maybe I’ll have another check-up at home, but now we have three weeks to rest, which will be very important.” But two weeks later the Mooney VR46 has confirmed that its pilot suffered a broken right wrist in that action that shouldn’t stop you from being in Mugello.

“As a consequence of the crash at the French GP, Luca Marini underwent a new medical check-up this week with Dr. Luigi Tarallo, who confirmed an injury to the trapezius bone of the right wrist. Dr. Luigi Tarallo will monitor the injury that will not prevent Luca from participating in the Italian GP (from June 9 to 11)”, reported the message issued by the Mooney VR46 on social networks. Fortunately The Italian will not have to undergo surgery because of this injury, but it will carry out a specific follow-up after discovering a fracture, which was detected due to pain. The first evaluation, as confirmed by Marini at Le Mans, ruled out an injury but in a second revision, it was when that break was discovered that the number of injured in MotoGP continues to increase.

The plague of injuries does not stop in the premier class in general and Ducati in particular. the italian factory lost to Bastianini in the first grand prix of the season, then Jorge Martín was injured and a few days ago, Bagnaia was discovered to have a fractured right ankle, also as a consequence of his fall with Maverick on the French track. It rains on wet in a brand that surpassed all of 2022 without the need to make any substitutions while, in the first five races of this season, four of his drivers have already gone through the infirmary. But the data goes further.

Marini’s fracture has become the tenth injury of a pilot of maximum displacement after five Grand Prix. To the four of Ducati we must add the injuries of Marc Márquez (three grand prizes out), Pol Espargaro (still in recovery process), Joan Mir, Raúl Fernández and Miguel Oliveira (injured twice). The trend is clear and MotoGP is only two riders away from registering a 50% injured grid so far this season, which only took the first race to know that, unfortunately, injuries would also be protagonists. Although if all goes well, in Mugello there will be a clean slate. Pol marked that appointment as the key to his return and the entire grid should reappear on the Italian layout.

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