The Pentagon announced the creation of an office to collect and analyze all information on unidentified flying objects (UFOs) observed by the different branches of the US military.

East "synchronization group on air object identification and management" o AOIMSG, according to its acronym in English, replaces the "work cell on unidentified aerial phenomena" created in August 2020 and then entrusted to the United States Navy, the Defense Department announced in a statement Tuesday night.

The new office is under the responsibility of the Undersecretary of Defense in charge of Intelligence and Security, a sign that for US forces the "unidentified aerial phenomena" They don’t come from little green men but from very real adversaries in the United States.

Washington is particularly concerned about China’s spying capabilities using drones or other aerial means.

The future director of the AOIMSG, not yet appointed, will synchronize the activities in this area and the US intelligence services.

The Pentagon released three videos last year taken by Navy pilots, one in November 2004 and the other two in January 2015, showing encounters with "unidentified aerial phenomena".

In one, an elongated object is seen that moves quickly and that, a few seconds after being detected by the sensors of the Navy aircraft, disappears after a sudden acceleration.

In the other video, an object is distinguished above the clouds and the pilot wonders if it is a drone.



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