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The overwhelming change of Carlos Alcaraz before storming the throne of Ronald Garros 2023

Great novelties in the Murcian tennis player are beginning to be the first signs that the current number 1 in the world can win his second Grand Slam and the first on French soil.

With the absence of Rafael Nadalthe top candidates to win the Roland Garros 2023 title, are Novak Djokovic and Carlos Alcaraz. Although between the Alicante and the Serbian there is another tennis player who can also surprise (Daniil Medvedev), it is the 20-year-old racket who starts as a favorite. Of course without belittling the Balkan tennis player.

The advantage of Carlos Alcaraz is his strength and vigor, product of the youth that he still retains. But in the case of Djokovic, his experience and seniority put him almost as a finalist. In fact, the Serb has already lifted the French trophy twice, and he wouldn’t mind doing it for the third time. However, the Murcian has an ace up his sleeve that could put him on top.

Carlos Alcaraz Roland Garros
Carlos Alcaraz will land on French soil, with his new look and ready to lift his first Grand Slam title on clay.

A change of look, a change of perspective, this is how Carlos Alcaraz thinks before Roland Garros

The great tournament played in Paris has already started, but the Spanish racket has not yet hit the clay. Being seeded, his rival has not yet been defined, but while he waits, the boy wastes no time. In the last few hours, images of what appears to be a change of appearance in his person have been leaked. Alcaraz was in his native Murcia and where his trusted barber was, to arrive with a new image at Roland Garros.

Social networks have been flooded with photographs showing the new haircut with which Carlos Alcaraz wants to win his first Grand Slam title in Paris. Although it may seem banal, it is an aspect in which Alcaraz takes importance, and can influence his mood, before starting to compete.

Everything ready for Carlos Alcaraz to hit at Roland Garros 2023

The 20-year-old racket knows that he must carry the weight of representing Spain, in one of the 4 most important tournaments on the ATP circuit. The Murcian arrives with the best business card that a tennis player can deliver, being number 1 in the world. With the absence of Rafa Nadal (last champion) the objective will be for the French trophy to continue in the showcases of Spanish tennis.

Although we will also have the presence of Spanish tennis players such as: Pedro Martínez, Roberto Bautista, Alejandro Davidovich, and Bernabé Zapata, Carlos Alcaraz is the best card in Spain. In front he will have his two greatest rivals at present (Novak Djokovic and Daniil Medvédev) who will be besieging him to lower him from the pedestal in the ATP Ranking.

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