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The ‘Operation of 9’ is activated

The 'Operation of 9' is activated

Real Madrid definitively activates its plan to sign a nine of guarantees that competes for the position with Benzema and that serves as a hinge between the Frenchman and the great star that is to come, Haaland or Mbappé. The white entity has not stopped monitoring the market in recent months to reinforce this position, so much of the road is already covered. Among all the names there are three that stand out: Vlahovic, 23-year-old Serb from Juve; Harry Kane, English from Tottenham, 29; and Goncalo Ramos, Portuguese from Benfica, 21. Vlahovic and Ramos fit perfectly with the prototype of a young footballer who would score around 30 goals per season if he has minutes and who would not squeak if he had to warm up the bench waiting for his opportunity. The bet on Kane would be different, as it would affect Real Madrid’s next move (Haaland would be less necessary having the Englishman on the squad, not Mbappé).

As AS already advanced, Vlahovic is one of the most liked names in the Real Madrid offices. Juventus put him on the market during the opening of the winter transfer window and, as this newspaper has learned, He was negotiating his sale with United for 100 million euros. When everything was practically closed, the player himself and his agent stopped the operation. Juventus paid 75 million euros for the 23-year-old Serb to Fiorentina in January 2022. Relations between Juve and Real Madrid are great due to their common interest in the Super League and that could facilitate this operation.

The other big name on the table is that of Harry Kane, the 29-year-old Englishman. It is not the first time that he sounds for Real Madrid. Ends contract with Tottenham in 2024 and it doesn’t look like he’s going to renew after ten seasons and 277 goals with the spur shirt. His cycle in London seems to be exhausted. Harry Kane is the striker preferred by the Madrid coaching staff. It is the one that best fits the combinative game of those above despite also fulfilling the role of pure battering ram. On the other hand, in the club’s offices there are serious doubts about how the British would adapt to the team, after previous difficult experiences such as those of Woodgate, Owen, Bale or even Beckham. In any case, they report from England that now it will not be so difficult to get him out of Tottenham, and that even Daniel Levy, the club’s president, has valued him at 100 million euros.

The third in contention is Gonçalo Ramos. He has had a great season at Benfica despite his youth (21 years old), scoring 18 goals in the League and three in the European Cup. He has two important handicaps: the first, which Benfica usually sells dear. The second, which is represented by gestifuteJorge Mendes’ agency, which today does not have all the doors open in Madrid after the abrupt departure of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The hiring of a nine to share a position with Benzema and that serves as a hinge for Haaland or Mbappé is independent of the signing of Bellingham, which continues to be a priority for the midfield. Midfield and forward are the two most sensitive positions to reinforce. In addition, there is the possibility that he ends up signing a winger for the defense.

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