The NBA will make changes to the All-Star

The critics to the weekend of the stars and, specifically, to the match of the all star, grow at the end of each edition. These comments have reached the offices of the NBA, and the top leaders of the American League are studying the options to return to make this contest, which has always given a show, go back to Show, but in the good sense of the word.

Mark Tatum, deputy commissioner of the nbawhich was in Senegal attending the increasingly important Basketball African Leagueproject in collaboration with FIBAopened the door for new modifications in this iconic weekend.

To the executive of 53 years oldand the words of Michael Malonecoach of the Denver Nuggets and team technician Lebron James in the last match of the stars. “This has been the worst basketball game ever played”, he did not hesitate to affirm in the locker room after the end of the duel. Tatum, in collaboration with Adam Silver, thinks it’s time for a change.

“We have to watch the match of the all star and make some changes to follow making sure it’s an entertaining product for the fans,” the businessman explained to ESPN at the event on the African continent. “We must also be cautious. It’s a party of exhibitionwe don’t want the players they get injured during the meeting,” he said.

The meetings between the league and the NBPA (Players Union), seem to have materialized after the game. Both forces have discussed possible changes. “There is a balance there. It is something that we are studying and having conversations with the players, about things we might do differently next year.”

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The traditional weekend of the stars has not finished connecting with the public in recent years. the lack of seriousness, competitiveness and passion They have made thousands of fans lose interest. The NBA is willing to make changes in order to improve the show.

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