The moon will come to earth in Dubai

UAE has already built many unique and amazing buildings and now it is going to build a building like the moon.

Michael Henderson from Canada has proposed a $5 billion plan to build a moon for the common man in Dubai.

Under this project, a 274-meter-high moon will be constructed on top of a 30-meter-high building.

It should be noted that Dubai is a city that is already home to many architectural wonders, including the tallest buildings in the world.

The project has been named Moon and the moon will be primarily used as a hotel or resort, with a company called Moon Resorts Inc. providing capital for the project.

Michael Henderson says that Moon is the biggest brand in the world and 8 billion people know about it even though we haven’t even started yet.

For the project, Michael Henderson has proposed a moon-shaped resort in the Palm Jumeirah that would have 4,000 rooms and accommodate 10,000 people, while also establishing a lunar colony to make guests feel like they are on Earth. Actually walking on the moon.

In different nights, this building will be seen glowing sometimes in full, sometimes in half and sometimes in the shape of a crescent.

Note that the project was first reported in September 2022, but more details have now been released, although Michael Henderson has not yet revealed a start date for lunar construction.

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