The Ministry of Sports will support the Youth Cultural Camp

The Ministry of Sports and Recreation (Miderec) will offer its support and will have an official representation in the Youth Cultural Camp, in which dozens of young people aged 15 and over will participate, and which is scheduled to be held from the 15th to the 17th of this month.

The camp, free of charge, will be held in the National Police auditorium, located in the Juan Pablo Duarte Educational Plaza, on the corner of Independencia and Abrahan Lincoln avenues, in the capital.

The support of Miderec was announced by the Vice Minister of Sports, Franklin De la Mota, who on behalf of the Government of President Luis Abinader and Minister Francisco Camacho, thanked the International Youth Fraternity (IYF) “for taking into account the Republic Dominican Republic for the celebration of activities that impact youth”.

“This government and our ministry value the fact that they have taken the Dominican Republic into account for the realization of this camp that focuses attention on the preparation of young people, a segment of the population that President Luis Abinader and Minister Francisco Camacho have taken special interest in it and for which they work day and night,” said De la Mota.

The official led the activity held in the James Rodríguez hall of the Ministry of Sports, along with also Vice Minister Leopoldo Portes; Choon Kwon Kim, president of IYF, and who had the words of motivation; Evaristo Pérez, director of Sports for All at Miderec; Ricardo Godines, coordinator of the camp, and Eddy Remigio, deputy director of the Community Technology Centers (CTC).


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