The man who jumped into the Venice canal for a video is wanted

Two individuals have been wanted by the police in Venice (Italy) since Thursday. It is about a man who jumped, in his underwear, from a three-storey building to land in a city canal and the person who immortalized the scene on video, reports CNN. The city’s mayor Luigi Brugnaro did not hide his anger after seeing the scene.

In a tweet, he even called the two individuals the next day “idiots”, assuring that they would soon be arrested. The police are working on their identification based on the images posted by the interested parties on social networks. They have since been widely relayed by Internet users.

Recurring incivilities

Luigi Brugnaro has launched a call for testimonies in order to gather additional information. He also calls on people who might come across this video not to “like” it so as not to encourage this type of behavior. “He risked his life jumping, but he is also a delinquent. They do not understand the danger they are creating in this city,” denounced the city councilor.

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He wrote that he wanted to give the individual “a certificate of stupidity and a kick”. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Venice has already been the scene of incivility of this kind several times, notes BFM-TV. Last year, for example, two French tourists stole a gondola during their stay in the famous Italian city.

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