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The man filmed in a taxi has been charged with seven counts of aggravated robbery

The man filmed in a taxi has been charged with seven counts of aggravated robbery

They accused the man of stealing taxis and he was recorded on the camera of one of the cell phones.

The accusation is of seven criminal offenses rape aggravated, with 180 days of preventive detention during the investigation.

The case became public when the picture of him fighting one was published taxi driver to try to steal it. It was later learned that he had been released.

The prosecutor in charge of the case is Graciela Peraza, but control of the detention rested with Betina Ramos on the day of the arrest. The formalization hearing took place this Sunday.


On February 18, a robbery occurred that was filmed and later went viral. The victim was a taxi driver in the Cerro district of Montevideo. The perpetrator is a 28-year-old man who acted with an accomplice, but who always has several people who help him commit the crimes.

The raptor was arrested by police on March 25, but at that time the images of the taxi in which he was fully identified were not yet included in the files of prosecutor Graciela Peraza. He was investigated for further crimes, but without any solid evidence.

At that time, Peraza explained through the prosecutor’s spokesman, Javier Benech, that he ordered the man’s release because he needed more evidence and the goal was to collect all possible evidence in order to bring him to trial with the greatest possible amount of evidence that he committed.

In the viral video, the bird of prey was traveling as a companion and threatening the worker. Both fought. An accomplice traveled in the back.

In other cases, for example, complaints arise because they get into a taxi but then don’t want to pay for it. This was one of the cases in which the police arrested the criminal, and the prosecutor assumed that there was no crime in this particular case, Benech explained.

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