Home World The maintenance of the AES Andrés generator ends

The maintenance of the AES Andrés generator ends

Termina el mantenimiento de la generadora AES Andrés

AES Dominicana reported that the AES Andrés plant came online this Thursday afternoon after having completed its scheduled maintenance within the technically stipulated time.

AES Andrés is a natural gas plant. The unit went out of service last Friday, May 7 at dawn, maintenance approved by the Coordinating Body of the Interconnected Electricity Sector (OC-SENI).

In addition to AES Andrés, AES Dominicana operates the Los Mina V, VI and VII plants and the Bayasol photovoltaic plant.

The Unified Council of Electricity Distribution Companies (CUED) had reported that two of its plants that contribute the most energy to the system went out of service for scheduled maintenance and corrective reasons.

The CUED indicates that those plants that were not mentioned by name generate the amount of 670MW, which is 16 percent of the country’s installed capacity.

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