The longest bridge became a symbol of danger, closed to traffic

Baghdad: The longest bridge was closed for traffic, the said bridge could not withstand the heavy rains for two days and a part of it weakened.

In this regard, the local media say that a flood situation has arisen due to heavy rains across the country, as a result of which business life is being affected.

Qasim Hamza, director of the Kirkuk Department of Bridges and Highways, said that a part of the Dakok Bridge connecting the highways of Kirkuk and Baghdad has collapsed in the flood caused by the heavy rains.

Hamza has said that there are many bridges on the said highway, but the longest Dakok bridge in the country with a length of one kilometer is very important.

He has said that this double-span bridge is based on 23 pillars and the lower parts of 5 pillars have also broken in recent floods, the bridge has been closed for heavy vehicles.

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