The launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, a telescope designed to see billions of years old stars and galaxies, has been postponed.

According to the French news agency AFP, this telescope will be the largest telescope of its kind, with the help of which researchers will try to see the stars and galaxies of 13.5 billion years ago, ie the stars and galaxies which are the Big Bang. Formed a few million years later.

The US space agency NASA has said that the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope has been postponed until December 22 due to a technical problem.

Technicians were trying to install the ارب 10 billion James Webb Space Telescope on the launch vehicle adapter, but a band connecting the telescope and the launch vehicle adapter came out unexpectedly.

According to NASA, this caused the whole system of ‘James Webb Space Telescope’ to start trembling. This work was being supervised by the French company Aerospace.

The report states that the NASA team is now investigating the matter and experiments are being carried out to find out if the telescope has been damaged due to the vibration.

It should be noted that this telescope was supposed to be launched on December 18, but now the launch has been delayed by only a few days.



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