Home World The Israeli army warns of a possible Iranian attack on national territory

The Israeli army warns of a possible Iranian attack on national territory

The Israeli army warns of a possible Iranian attack on national territory

The feared regional escalation of the conflict between Israel and Hamas could be getting closer after threats from Hossein Salami, the commander-in-chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard: “This is the message of the resistance.” We will bury the Zionist regime in Gaza” the soldier said last week in response to the Hebrew attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus.

This threat was added to those already made by the country’s president. Ibrahim Masiand from the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, who declared that Israel had crossed “all red lines” with its attack that left seven Revolutionary Guard members dead.

Although there has so far been no direct aggression from the Ayatollahs’ country against Israel, militias linked to this regime – such as Hezbollah or the Houthis in Yemen – have been fighting with the Israeli armed forces for several months. deepened in its operation against Hamas in Gazawhich has already cost more than 30,000 people their lives.

“We are on alert”

One week after the attack on the Iranian diplomatic headquarters Daniel HagariIsrael Defense Forces spokesman has warned of the danger of possible Iranian attacks on national territory, although the civilian population has not been mobilized in a scenario of foreign aggression.

“We are well prepared for various scenarios and are constantly evaluating the situation.”. “We are ready to attack and defend, using a variety of capabilities that the IDF has and also together with our strategic partners,” Hagari said, explaining that an attack by Iran would be “clear evidence” of the The country’s intention would be to “exacerbate the situation”. Situation in the Middle East.

“We have a layered (air) defense capability.” which has proven its effectiveness in the middle of war with thousands of successful interceptions (…) But the defense will never be watertight,” said the spokesman for the army, which has been repelling Hamas attacks from Gaza and projectiles fired by Hezbollah since October last year. from the border with Lebanon.

Iran targets the UN

Iran, on the other hand, has warned the rest of the powers represented in the UN that they do not condemn Israeli aggression: “If the UN Security Council had condemned the aggression of the Zionist regime against our diplomatic facilities in Damascus” and if the perpetrators were brought to justice Iran’s mandate to punish the rogue regime could have been circumvented,” Iran’s permanent mission to the United Nations was published in

After learning the facts, US government officials told EFE that it was an Iranian attack on Israeli soil would cause the worst scenario in the Middle East. The same representative stated that on the part of the administration They see an Iranian attack as “inevitable,” even though it has not yet taken place.

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