The condition of Virat Kohli, who has not played big innings in international cricket for a long time, is similar in IPL 2022 as well. He has been able to reach fifty only once in 12 matches. Far from being a long inning here, Kohli is struggling to score every run. He has returned to the zero pavilion three times this season. Because Virat is out of form, IPL 2022 is proving to be the second worst season for him. His batting average and strike rate this season have been the worst in the last 13 seasons.

Virat is scoring runs this season with a 19.64 batting average. This is his worst batting average in the last 13 seasons. Previously in IPL 2008, his batting average was 15. Although his first IPL was in 2008. His batting average has always been above 22 since IPL 2008. In 6 of 15 IPL seasons, he has scored runs with an average batting over 40. At IPL 2016, his batting average was 81.08.

Virat isn’t even capable of scoring runs fast this season. His strike rate at this IPL is only 111.34. This is proving to be his season with the lowest strike rate after IPL 2008. In 2008, he scored runs with a strike rate of 105.09. In 6 of 15 IPL seasons, his strike rate has been above 130. He scored 152 runs in 2016 and 144 in 2010.

Virat Kohli has scored just 216 runs in 12 games this season so far. He has faced 194 balls to score as many runs. During this, he has only hit 20 fours and 4 sixes. Most importantly, he has returned to the arena three times this season without scoring runs.


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