The innovation event that connects young people

He Talentland 2024 will take place in the city of Guadalajara and promises to provide an important space to connect young people with technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The seventh edition of this event will take place from April 1st to 4th Expo Guadalajara where more than 40,000 people are expected.

In fact, more than 6,000 participants were able to camp in the facilities of this convention center so as not to miss a single moment of the program.

“Talent Land 2024 is dedicated to talent development and offers participants the opportunity to meet experts from various disciplines who share their experiences and knowledge,” said the organizers.

This forum has become a reference when it comes to offering young people space to demonstrate their skills; as well as to obtain resources for their projects or to find employment opportunities in recognized companies.

In this way the Jalisco Talent Land It will connect young talents between the ages of 18 and 35 with professionals, companies and governments to get better opportunities in their academic and professional lives.

“Talent Land is a forum for learning, networking and a space to celebrate the talents of young people through competitions,” said Raúl Martín, International CEO of Talent Network.

Companies like Google and Nvidia will be on hand to meet new talent and show off their technological advances.

How will Talent Land develop in 2024?

The event will have dozens of rooms for all types of conferences and booths to showcase the most notable advances from companies and academic centers.

Participants can visit exhibitions on cryptocurrencies, blockchain, software development, startups, artificial intelligence, metaverse, gaming, health, biotechnology, robotics, nanotechnology and digital marketing, among others.

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Programming takes place on a main stage 11 additional places which are referred to as tSubject areas: Blockchain country, business country, creative country, developer country, gamer country, healthcare country.

“The activities and conferences planned for this year will be adapted to current needs and trends and will address the challenges and opportunities arising in the workplace and technology,” organizers said.

He Jalisco Talent Land There will be rooms like Atomic Skills, Talent Woman and Genius Arena. In addition, there will be four workshops in collaboration with allies, encouraging the participation of various speakers and experts on current topics.

Tickets can be purchased via the Talent Land website; However, the event was so well received that the regular ticket sold out and only the Platinum and Camping tickets are now available, which are priced at 7,590 and 2,990 pesos.

The speakers of Talent Land 2024

Experts from various industries are taking part in the seventh edition of the event, presenting their innovation experiences at the top of well-known companies.

One of the main exhibitors will be the Mexican businessman Arturo Elias Ayub, Director of Strategic Alliances and Content at América Móvil and General Director of UNO TV and TELMEX Telcel Foundation.

It will be like that too Jon ‘Maddog’ Halla prominent promoter of free and open source software.

The AI ​​expert and OpenAI ambassador Abran Maldonado He will also share his experiences and the progress of the startup Create Lab, which aims to revolutionize the design space and the metaverse using artificial intelligence.

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