The husband took a strange revenge on the person who married his wife

The woman’s husband took a unique revenge on the man who married his wife and arranged a marriage with his wife to immediately settle the score.

Jesi karni vesi bharni example is very famous. This example is given when a person does something wrong and soon finds the result in the form of evil. A similar incident took place in India where a man who married his wife by running away took a unique revenge and settled the account immediately by marrying his wife.

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According to Indian media, this unique incident of its kind happened in the city of Khagria, India. Where 13 years after marrying Neeraj, a resident of Hardiya village, his wife Ruby unfaithfully developed a relationship with a man named Mukesh Kumar and eloped with him.

According to the report, Ruby had 4 children with Neeraj, but even these children could not become a chain on her feet, while this was also the second marriage of Mukesh, who ran her away. His first wife’s name was also coincidentally Ruby Devi and they had two children.

Neeraj took revenge for his wife’s desertion by contacting Mukesh’s first wife who destroyed his house and both of them called the panchayat. Done, later Neeraj and Ruby Devi also got married Yea Jeesi Karni Veesi Bharni example proved 100% correct here.

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