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The hard work of Pakistani and Saudi experts brought color, complete Arabic dictionary

After years of hard work, the re-compilation of the Arabic-based dictionary “Majam al-Abab al-Zakhir wal Labab al-Fakhir” was completed.

The launch of the dictionary by Saudi Arabia is a great addition to the Arabic vocabulary and is a valuable scholarly service in the field of Islamic and Arabic heritage which has been developed by the linguists of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan after a lot of hard work.

According to Al-Arabiya.net, this historical dictionary is the result of many years of efforts by prominent linguists of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Imam Razi-ud-Din Al-Hassan Bin Muhammad Bin Al-Hassan Al-Saghani (d.

The work of compiling the dictionary was started many years before today by the Pakistani religious scholar Pir Muhammad Hassan Al-Makhdumi who died in the year 1420 AH. During the reign of Allama Makhdoom 4 volumes of the dictionary were completed and the fourth volume was completed in the year 1417 AH but it was not published. This work was then taken forward by Dr. Ahmad Khan, a Pakistani who was interested in the historical and scientific heritage, and compiled this dictionary in the famous Makhdoomi script. He prepared 12 volumes in ten years.

The Center for Research and Knowledge Communication, after discovering two manuscripts, under the supervision of Dr. Turki bin Sahu Al-Otaibi, Professor of Grammar and Morphology at the former Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University, undertook the process of preparation for its publication. Meet Tashkent’s Alberoni Institute of Orientalism, which was not known to Allama Makhdumi.


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