The Grizzlies discuss internally the complex situation of Ja Morant

Winds of change in the Grizzlies after the case of Ja Morant broke. The star of the team has had several controversial episodes in recent months, individually and with his environment also involved, and the glass has not supported more drops after he appeared with a gun in a direct from his Instagram account while having fun in a nightclub.

The player has missed the last two matches of the grizzlies due to suspension from the franchise, although his return is expected to take a little longer as he finds a way to improve his personal status.

Now the problem focuses on the whys and the solutions that can be put to it. The attitude of Morant, a boy from a middle-class family who has not gone through great difficulties to make his dream of becoming a professional player come true, has also internally disappointed and worried his teammates who, because he has to, have stood up for he.

One of the insiders With more information from the NBA, Shams Charania, has discussed the news of the franchise around this. The journalist talks about a meeting in which only the players from the squad participated in which one of the most respected voices, that of the New Zealand center Steven Adams, made himself known. According to this information, Adams scolded his teammates about his bad behavior when they left Memphis, in away games, urging them to refrain from going out at night to have better results. The Grizzlies’ record on the road, which is 12-21, sensibly accompanies this request. Although the oceanic player did not directly target Morant, he was mainly referring to him. Ja has amassed a fair share of power in the Tennessee franchise because of his undoubted quality on the track, but those licenses are taking their toll. Rumors about his off-season problems grow as he stays away from the courts and Memphis struggles to maintain the stability it had shown up to then.

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