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The GBC loses its best player for the promotion phase to the ACB because it celebrates its wedding those days

The GBC loses its best player for the promotion phase to the ACB because it celebrates its wedding those days

Guuk Gipuzkoa Basket, one of the teams that will fight in the next Final Four of the LEB Oro for the ticket to promote to the Endesa League, loses its best player. Justin Jaworski will travel to the United States on those dates due to a personal circumstance and will leave the team led by Lolo Encinas in the draw, which will face Hereda San Pablo Burgos in the semifinals.

the weekend of June 17 and 18still without a defined venue, this mini-tournament will be held to decide who is the second team to rise to the ACB. The first, by winning the regular phase of this competition, was MoraBanc Andorra.

Jaworski has been engaged to his partner for two years and their wedding will take place on the same day that his club will play the aforementioned match against Burgos. Malpractice on the part of his American agent, fired for such a mistake, and the lack of laxity to move the date of the marriage in his native United States have made this very curious situation explode.

The GBC has explained your version in an official statement:

“The American player will be withdrawn due to the impossibility of postponing the celebration of his marriage in the United States, committed to that same day two years in advance”

“The potential coincidence between the planned date of the wedding and the dispute of the final promotion phase was known by his American agent before the signing of the contract with Gipuzkoa Basket for the current season materialized. However, he did not alert the player to this risk at that time and this ended up leading to the rupture of the professional relationship between the two. The Gipuzkoan club, from the moment he became aware of this circumstance, has made an effort to find a conciliatory solution, which would avoid the absence of the player in the final promotion phase without finally being able to achieve it “

“Gipuzkoa Basket expresses its determined desire to safeguard its contractual rights, while regretting the undesirable situation to which its player has been led”

“The club thanks Justin Jaworski for his contribution to the good sporting results achieved this season and reaffirms its full confidence in the ability of the coaching staff and the player squad to make up for the absence of the American player with all the ambition and commitment they have demonstrated in the course of the season”

The San Sebastián club is considering claiming compensation for breach of contract even if it assumes that much of the fault is not the player’s. These types of agreements end with the last game of the season. and that will be June 17 or 18, depending on the progress in the tournament, so Jaworski is tied to the entity until then in sporting terms.

The significance would be less if the 23-year-old Jaworski wasn’t the GBC’s standout player this season.. He obtained the second best scoring average in the LEB Oro in the regular phase, 19.3 points (the first, 20’3, is by Michael Carrera, who did not finish the season because he went to Gran Canaria) and during the playoff has gone further. In the quarterfinal tie against Leyma Coruña he had 20.2 points and closed the Basque team’s standings scoring 36 in the fourth and final match.

The Pennsylvania player has changed representatives after this blunder. Despite the fact that the dates of the Final Four have been handled since last summer, neither he nor the agent who was taking him calibrated well When would the current season end? Gipuzkoa, who finished 8th in the regular phase and has climbed to continue in the fight for promotion to the first competition, is the loser.

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Justin Kyle Jaworski, who will turn 24 on June 21, ends his first professional stage outside his country in such an abrupt way. He was trained at the University of Lafayette and in the last two seasons he tried out in the NBA development league, first with the Oklahoma City Blue and then with the Iowa Wolves. An accomplished shooter, in the NCAA his percentage of success in triples was 42.2%.

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