The Football Classic

Madrid-Barça is the great game of Spanish basketball, a duel that places this sport at its peak of expectation and audience. On the one hand, because they are two powers. On the other, because the soccer rivalry permeates everything. What’s more, if this Clásico exists and persists, it’s because the soccer dad is interested in taking care of his son, out of tradition and prestige, despite the fact that this love brings losses every year.. Last season, between the two teams they added a hole of 61.2 million, more or less thirty each. This is also the reason for the overwhelming dominance of both on the field, with budgets around double that of their pursuers in the ACB, such as Baskonia. If you want to compete with the highest aspirations in the Euroleague, where other clubs have tax advantages, there is no other option than to move in those figures. Waiting for sometime to generate economic benefits, because socially it is profitable, it is obvious that the two football giants are interested, or at least it does not pose a serious burden, to give up that money in return, in exchange for the good image that reports.

The Madrid-Barcelona, ​​with or without losses, offers an overflowing attraction. Undoubtedly. Perhaps the new debate has to be focused more towards another prism, which is the saturation of Classics. Is it good that it is repeated so much for the show or would it be preferable to serve it with a dropper to savor it more? This Thursday’s Clásico is the fourth of the season. There is still another fixed in the ACB. And it cannot be ruled out that they will meet again in the Cup, in the League and in Europe. Madrid won, thus leveling the balance of the course: 2-2. The equality is so great this year, that they arrived at the game tied at the head of the Euroleague and the League. Those of Chus Mateo have taken a small step forward. There will be more. El Clásico, by the way, brought the schedule forward so as not to coincide with Madrid-Atleti. Soccer rules. Basketball knows it well.

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