The first of a new generation

The F1 Academy also starts its engines. The new bet of Formula 1 is already a reality: a championship with a hundred percent female presence, whose objective is to prepare the young pilots of the future to reach higher levels such as the great circus, a grid dominated entirely by men (or their lower categories, such as F2 or F3). The challenge seems complicated, complex, but with boundless ambition to take another step towards equality in a predominantly male sport. A new generation is coming to motorsport, which already knows its first participant: Lena Buhler.

The Swiss, who began on wheels with a BMX, has four years of experience in single-seaters. At the age of 25, he joins the ART team, within the F1 Academy, with the aim of continuing to rise to even more motivating challenges. He debuted in karting in 2016 and in 2020 he participated in the Spanish Formula 4 Championship. There he managed to finish up to six times in the Top 10 and, in the last two years, he has been part of the Alpine Regional Formula. Now, it’s time to take another step towards your big dream. “It is a great pleasure for me to discover the first F1 Academy championship and even more so with ART Grand Prix, a team with a fantastic track record. It will be a great challenge for me and for the brand. as we learn more about this new car. I am looking forward to familiarizing myself with it”, explains the pioneer in the team statement.

Aware of the magnitude of the project, Bühler admits that he will have to work hard in what will be his “fourth year in motorsport”. However, he is already one of the great promises of the academy: “I still have a lot to learn, but I am willing to give 100% both mentally and physically. to honor the trust that ART Grand Prix has placed in me, along with that of my partners, without whom this adventure would not be possible”.

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This will be the F1 Academy

The announcement came last November and, without wanting to extend the wait any longer, the organization got down to work to ensure the great premiere of the competition this very year 2023. There are many details yet to be decided, but what is known is that the championship It will be held over seven events throughout the course, with three races for each weekend. There will be five teams, with three single-seaters each (that is, fifteen drivers) and the Spanish representation with Campos Racing team as one of the great chosen ones. The main objective will be to train the pilots, with the intention of reaching Formula 3 within two or three years.

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