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The FID lands in Santander with “unbeatable” protagonists

The FID lands in Santander with “unbeatable” protagonists

Listen directly from Gervasio Deferr, Ruth Beitia, Fermín Cacho and Javier Sotomayor what it means to become an Olympic champion. remember the seventh European Cup for Real Madrid hand in hand with those who carried out this feat. remember with Gemma Mengual, Lydia Valentin and Sara Andres their paths to sporting glory. And, as a culmination, enjoy the reflections and experiences of Tony Nadal. All this will be possible in Santander this week (from September 29 to October 1) thanks to International Sports Forum. The event, after a resounding success in León just two weeks ago, arrives in Cantabria for the first time with the FID Santander Grupo Bárymont, which will ensure three days of talks and entertainment for a population of Santander that has welcomed the proposal with open arms.

This Tuesday, the newsroom of Diario AS, the event’s official media outlet, received a delegation of representatives, public and private, who have brought about the birth of these conferences. “We all have some experience in Santander, it is a formidable place. The possibility of celebrating something like this in this city is very interesting”, he praised Vicente Jiménez, director of AS, before acknowledging that “there was no doubt” when it came to allying with the FID, since “it is an honor to link the AS brand to the project”. From Thursday to Saturday, the Cantabrian city will allow its citizens to get to know sports stars up close who have tasted the honeys of success, something to which Gema Igual Ortiz, mayor of Santander, He wanted to value it.

“The FID seemed like a great opportunity to us. I have always said that sport energizes a city and heals society. The success after announcing it has been impressive. When people put heart into it, it shows, and organizing this is a great effort that is worth it”the mayor pointed out, referring to Francisco del Río, director of the FID and main culprit of the landing of this event in Santander. After six editions held in style in León, the last one this September, the forum expands to another location for the first time in its history. “I wanted to see if the FID was also a success outside León and give something to this city to which I am so attached. I have to thank the support of the Santander City Council, the Cantabrian Government and the private sponsors for promoting this idea”, commented Francisco del Río.


Felipe Pérez, Francisco del Río and Gema Igual, during the presentation of the FID Santander Grupo Bárymont 2022 in the editorial office of Diario AS.CHEMA DIAZJOURNAL AS

Despite being the first time these conferences have been held, it will not be Santander’s first contact with the FID, which last June it organized a tribute in style to the legendary Teka Cantabria handball “We had some reservations until we saw what was done with Teka. The whole city turned upside down and we saw that it could work. The cast of figures is unbeatable”praise Mario Iglesias, General Director of Sports of the Government of Cantabria. With this idea coincided Felipe Pérez Manso, Councilor for Sports of the Santander City Council: “We are sure that something very cool is going to come out. People are waiting for him and it’s amazing to have athletes like that in our city. The wish is that it goes very well and that we repeat”. In addition to the support of public institutions, the private sector has been a key factor in making this step forward for the FID possible.

“Seeing the courage that there is and the experience that supports this event made us never have any doubts about supporting it,” he admitted. Javier Montaráz, General Director of the Bárymont Group, company dedicated to financial education and economic welfare that sponsors the ‘naming right’ of the event. “What we fell in love with was the format, being able to transmit the values ​​of great athletes in such a close way, that is something that is very difficult to access. Hopefully it lasts many years in Santander”, Javier pointed out. The Bahía Home real estate agency is the other great pillar of the FID. “We will always support everything related to sports, and I loved this idea. That courage and that passion is appreciated. Everything that has to do with sport in Santander is wonderful”, he explained. Dolores González, director of Bahía Home.

Three days of pure sport

The structure of the three days will allow those who wish to participate in activities in the Plaza Porticada in which the stars of the forum will be present, who will then offer presentations at the Festival Palace of Cantabria those who have purchased tickets at the official website of the event (the Thursday and Friday sessions have already posted the “no tickets”). The first day, Thursday 29, Javier Sotomayor, Gervasio Deferr, Fermín Cacho and the local Ruth Beitia will participate in the day’s activities and at the ‘Golden Olympics’ table. On Friday it will be the turn to pay tribute to the Real Madrid team that won the seventh European Cup with ‘The Champions League that changed everything’, a table in which Pedja Mijatovic, Manolo Sanchís, Fernando Sanz and the Spaniard Emilio Amavisca will take the floor, all moderated by Tomás Roncero, AS journalist. “This time I will not be speaking, but everything that is to play to these legends is not bad. That was something historic, so many people never went out to the streets to celebrate it”, The editor-in-chief of the newspaper pointed out before listening to Fernando Sanz, who acted as godfather of the presentation. “I love participating in these talks, so I gladly accepted. It’s ideal because it anticipates the great event of the 25th anniversary of this Champions League”.

Thursday (September 29) Friday (September 30) Saturday (October 1)
Palace of Festivals, 8:00 p.m.
*Tickets can be purchased at www.forosFID.org
Table gold olympicswith Gervasio Deferr, Ruth Beitia, Fermín Cacho and Javier Sotomayor Table The Champions that changed everythingwith Pedja Mijatovic, Manolo Sanchís, Fernando Sanz and Emilio Amavisca, moderated by Tomás Roncero -First pass: Table Three paths to success, with Gemma Mengual, Lydia Valentín and Sara Andrés (7:30 p.m.). Previous activity with the protagonists in Plaza Porticada from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
-Second pass: Table everything can be trainedwith Toni Nadal (8:25 p.m.)

To finish off these days, the last day (Saturday, October 1) will not bring one, but two talks. First, Gemma Mengual, Lydia Valentín and Sara Andrés will talk at the table ‘Three paths to success’ on his career to the top of his disciplines. And, as this table ends, Toni Nadal will be in charge of closing the FID with his presentation ‘Everything can be trained’, in which he will present his reflections and experiences acquired during his career, highlighting his time as Rafa Nadal’s coach. “A luxury”was what was heard on numerous occasions during the talk to define the poster for the three days that promise an unforgettable experience in Santander.

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