The father cut off the son’s head and reached the police station

In the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a father cut off his son’s head and separated it from his body after intoxicating him.

According to media reports, the son of a man named Viraya was addicted to drugs. The two would often argue about it and sometimes it would come to blows.

One day Veeraya got fed up and cut off his son’s head with a sharp instrument and put it in a sack and reached the nearest police station.

When the accused reached the police station and told that there was a severed head of his son in the sack, the policemen lost their senses. Drops of blood were dripping from the sack.

The accused told the police that he was fed up with his son’s bad habits, I tried to explain him many times but he used to fight with me, I killed him late at night.

The police arrested the accused and started investigating the matter.

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