Home Sports The fate of Busquets next year is already known

The fate of Busquets next year is already known

The fate of Busquets next year is already known

Sergio Busquets is hurrying his last months as a player of the FC Barcelona since his contract is not going to be renewed any longer and everything seems to indicate that he would have already started looking at a new club that is willing to count on him from next year. The Catalan midfielder has marked a golden age in the Barça team, without a doubt he has been one of the cornerstones of the project, but he is already willing to step aside so that new generations can arrive.

as it counts Chain BE, the Catalan midfielder would have practically closed a contract with David Beckham’s Inter Miami for next season (and some more) so ‘Busi’ would say goodbye to the Spanish competition to enroll in the North American competition, in one of the franchises strongest, economically speaking, in the country. The negotiations between both parties are very advanced and all that remains is to wait for next January, when the footballer can already negotiate freely with the club that he wants, it is estimated that then his decision will be made official and he will leave the Catalan team to end of season to land in the MLS.

A ‘golden retirement’ will be assured

The arrival of Sergio Busquets Inter Miami is going to report a big salary increase since at FC Barcelona he has been cutting it for several years to help the club, now he will have the opportunity to once again have a payroll at the height of his quality and in this way ensure a great economic pinch in the last years of his sports career.

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