The explosion in a metal factory in the US leaves at least 13 injured

At least 13 people were injured, some of them in critical condition, after an explosion at a Bedford (Ohio) metal factory, which occurred on Monday afternoon.

According to data provided by Captain Brian DiRocco of the Oakwood Village Fire Department, thirteen people were taken to local hospitals and at least two of them are in critical condition due to burns.

The explosion occurred in a metal alloy factory belonging to the company I. Schumann and Co., which after what happened published a statement explaining that it is still "a stranger" the origin of the incident, which has also caused "significant damage to facilities".

"We will work together with researchers in the search for answers"pointed out the company, which assured that the efforts now "are focused on supporting the first responders who rushed to the scene to help our employees".

The explosion and the subsequent fire occurred around 3:00 p.m. on Monday (8:00 p.m. GMT) and after the event several fire departments went to the area to put out the fire, which was extinguished two hours later.

Several videos have been published through social networks showing a large cloud of smoke coming out of the factory.

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