The European race for AI: alternative regulation and an ambitious investment package

At a time when the United States and China are becoming major powers in the field of artificial intelligence, the European Union is increasing its efforts to be competitive in this sector. Patricia Matey, CEO and founder of Adsviulists the two keys that will shape the development of the European giant in the field of AI: a differentiated legal regime and an ambitious investment package for the coming years.

Aleph Alpha, the company dedicated to generative artificial intelligence, is the latest example of the growing development of this technology on European soil. In a race dominated by the US and China, lagging far behind the rest of their competitors, countries in the collaborative ecosystem are redoubling their efforts to advance artificial intelligence. The European Union’s approach to this matter focuses on “Excellence and trust with the aim of promoting research and industrial capacity while ensuring security and fundamental rights“. The aim is to make the EU a global center of excellence for AI and ensure that it is human-focused and reliable.

The regulatory framework: an opportunity for differentiation

To achieve this, since 2018 the European Commission has been laying the foundations for a legal framework to promote the development of this technology, reflected in the draft law adopted by the European Parliament last June. Although there are still several procedures for its entry into force, it is one of the first and most ambitious AI legislative projects in the world. Patricia Matey lists some keys to this standard:

  • It is intended to ensure this Security, transparency and traceability of artificial intelligence systems. For example, prevent monitoring from being carried out by humans rather than automated processes.
  • Specifies that the development and implementation of artificial intelligence must take place non-discriminatory and environmentally friendly.
  • Differentiation between operators and suppliers based on risk and their obligations: Different levels are established, ranging from unacceptable risks – which are directly banned – and high risks – those that may have a negative impact on people or their fundamental rights – to limited risks.
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This is a law that aims to balance innovation with full respect for the fundamental rights of individuals and the promotion of European values.“, shows Patricia Mateywho remembers that?Promoting this Community regime is one of the priorities of the Spanish Presidency of the European Union“.

An investment of more than 1,000 million annually

At the economic level, the European Commission has decided to take a step in 2021 with the launch of two plans, “Horizon Europe” and “Digital Europe”, which aim to invest 1,000 million euros annually in the sector. In addition, these programs aim to mobilize additional investments from Member States and private organizations to reach 20 billion annually. According to Statista, global investment in artificial intelligence will exceed 92 billion euros in 2022. For its part, the company IDC estimates that Europe’s contribution to AI could exceed the European Commission’s forecasts and exceed 33 billion.

“Europe is taking the initiative to compete with the great powers of artificial intelligence, the United States and China, to lead an alternative option that allows the development of new technologies without losing sight of fundamental issues such as security and transparency.”holds Patricia Matey.

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