The enemies of Josep Pedrerol director of El Chiringuito

The journalist has one of the best audiences, but this has brought him serious consequences

Joseph pedrerol is the most visible face of Him beach bar and this has led me to have many enemies. He has spent years in that program that has pushed it forward at the cost of his exclusives and a journalist who does whatever it takes to keep his show a great success.

But still, although he is a journalist who knows what he is doing, he has many enemies. His character doesn’t help him and his attitude has also played a trick on him. In the media it is normal for there to be lawsuits between journalists. But perhaps one of the least loved on the screen is pedrerol.

The journalist has several colleagues who can’t stand him

From several of his programs, Josep Pedrerol has taken over several enemies

On certain occasions, Josep Pedrerol has been annoying to many journalists. That is why the commentator on his television program is not the most beloved. And it is a kind of rejection that a part of the audience also has with him, because he usually talks more than necessary.

The sports announcer, Manolo Lama, is one of the journalists who is not related to Josep Pedrerol. What bothers Manolo the most about him is that he always wants to be right about things, when in reality he doesn’t have the truth of everything in his hands.

Colleagues and TV producers are on the list of personas grata for the TV director

On the other hand, there is Siro López, who was a collaborator at El Chiringuito and worked for a time with Pedrerol. These two know each other very well, but they also reached a point where they stopped talking. And it is that Siro resigned because the production did not comply with him when he began working with them.

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Finally, Cristina Cubero made war on Josep Pedrerol, since she was not going to give her space for the journalist to leave her in a bad light on television. That was what made the presenter of El Chiringuito uncomfortable, to the point that in 2017 they fought live.

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