The Dimitrova Karate Cup will be this Sunday at the Olympic Center

La Copa Dimitrova de Karate será este domingo en el Centro Olímpico

With the aim of encouraging, promoting and developing karate, the IV Dimitrova Cup national ranking of that discipline will take place this Sunday at the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center, in the first of two circuits to be held this year.

The information was released by the athlete María Dimitrova, organizer of the Cup, an event that returns after a four-year break, and that will award air tickets to international events as prizes as a way to help those athletes who lack the resources cheap to travel and have the conditions to represent the country.

Starting at 9:00 this Sunday morning, the Karate Pavilion of the Olympic Center will host the competitions in the youth category, as Dimitrova announced in the meeting with the press held this Wednesday in the Juan Ulises García Saleta room of the Committee Dominican Olympic (COD).

“Our purpose is to work in coordination with the federation in the long term with the youth athletes who have been rising to prepare them for the Santo Domingo 2026 Central American and Caribbean Games,” added Dimitrova, who pointed out that the second leg is scheduled to take place on November 27.

The contest has the support of Propagas, Inicia, Edesur, Arajet, Batu, Vadisec, World Self Defense Alliance, as well as the COD, Ministry of Sports and the Karate Federation.

At the meeting, the president of the COD, Antonio Acosta, said that the tournament will serve for the development of karate in the country. “This initiative should be on the annual calendar due to its objective and interest,” said Acosta.

José Luis Ramírez, president of the Dominican Federation of Karate, added that “it is an important signal that this version of the cup is coming to give and the quality must surpass previous editions.”

The prizes will be aimed at athletes and related to the sport, which is not simply a competition, but new things are put into practice that are aimed at the development of karate.

The competitions will be held in categories such as individual and team kata, as well as kumite (fight), masters, mamateka, papateka and famiteka.


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