The death toll in Peru rises to eight after a week of protests

The National Police of Peru has confirmed the death of a person during the blockade of a bridge in the Peruvian town of Chao, in the region of La Libertad, in the north of the country, raising to eight the total number of deaths in the seven days of protests in the State Andean.

The dead person, a man, has received the impact of a stone on the head, a blow that has caused his death, police sources have detailed to the Peruvian newspaper ‘La Rep├║blica’.

"There is a person who has been killed, but it was not by action of the Police, nor by firearm, he has already been admitted to the morgue, the legal autopsy has been done, the death would have been due to a blow with a blunt object, he a stone has fallen"has indicated the police authority.

Death takes place in the middle of the strong protests that are succumbing in all Peru behind the removal and detention of former president Pedro Castillo last December 7th. The demonstrators ask the new president of the country, Dina Boluarte, the dissolution of Congress and the calling of new general elections.

The Peruvian Government has decreed a state of emergency at the national level for a period of 30 days as a response to the protests in support of former President Pedro Castillo.

Likewise, the Executive has declared an emergency in the National Road Network, allowing the Army to take to the streets in an effort to protect the country’s strategic points, including airports, hydroelectric plants and other key infrastructure, such as highways.

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