The dangerous clauses of Carlos Sainz in his contract with Ferrari

The Spanish driver must improve to continue competing at the wheel of the Italian team

Carlos Sainz He has reached his third season with Ferrari and a long time ago he stopped being a promise for his team. And it is that the driver from Madrid begins to feel pressured because the demand in the Italian team is maximum and he is no longer the greatest.

Furthermore, it is no secret to anyone that Carlos Sainz is the second Ferrari driver because Charles Leclerc is the leader. But the Madrid driver believes that he has not yet shown his full potential and he intends to show it until 2024, which is when his contract runs out.

Binotto's departure could be detrimental to Carlos Sainz
There are issues in the Madrid contract that distance him more and more from Ferrari, although he wants to succeed with the Prancing Horse

Carlos Sainz has expressed to his team that he wants to succeed at Ferrari

I only see my immediate future with Ferrari and wanting to succeed with this team. There is nothing that makes me happier than winning again with Ferrari than undertaking a title challenge with Ferrari”, said Carlos Sainz with the hope that he can improve.

But in the background there is also the fact of a signed contract with performance clauses. If Sainz does not reach the minimum required by Ferrari, then he could end up out of the Italian march before 2024. And that would mean that these ‘mortal’ clauses could expel him from Ferrari at the end of this season.

The possible departure of Hamilton from Mercedes is not good news for the Spaniard

In 2026 there will be new regulations with the engines, an entry of new teams and many changes in Formula 1, there will also be many driver signings. And this is where Sainz could be the protagonistsince everything indicates that it could be one of the bets of the new Audi F1 Team.

Finally, it has also been known that Lewis Hamilton could leave Mercedes at the end of this season and that Ferrari has already been able to talk to him. And it would be to throw out one of the two current pilots of the Italian brand, Carlos Sainz being the one who would have the most numbers if he lost his seat.

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