Home Sports The crazy price that Chelsea asks for Mason Mount

The crazy price that Chelsea asks for Mason Mount

The crazy price that Chelsea asks for Mason Mount

For some time it has been rumored about the departure of Chelsea’s Mason Mount The English player having made the decision to seek a starting destination a year before the end of his contract at Stamford Bridge, with the approval of the London team, which, yes, will not let the British player leave at any price, establishing a minimum purchase price of nothing more and nothing less than 80 million euros, a totally exorbitant figure for a footballer who has barely had minutes this season.

Since its debut in 2019, Mason Mount He has proven to be one of the great jewels of English football, being also an important piece for the London team, the midfielder losing prominence over time, which has fueled all kinds of rumors about his departure from Chelsea, Liverpool being one one of the main favorites to take over the services of the 24-year-old English player, who would thus have the opportunity to put himself under the command of a Jurgen Klopp which has given the green light to the operation.

the start of something big

He Liverpoolfor its part, will seek, as we say, to strengthen its staff for the coming years, seeing in Mason Mount a golden opportunity to improve his team and take a leap in quality starting in 2023/2024, in which the main objective will be to be back in the fight for the titles after a year in which things have not worked out as expected, not being willing to pay those 80 million that are disproportionate and that we will see if they are reduced significantly to see Mount playing at Anfield starting this summer.

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