Home Sports The crazy price Real Madrid asked for Dani Ceballos

The crazy price Real Madrid asked for Dani Ceballos

The crazy price Real Madrid asked for Dani Ceballos

Real Madrid have made a firm decision regarding Dani Ceballos, the talented Sevillian midfielder who has sought his place in the Merengue team. Despite his quality attributes, his adaptation to the club does not seem to have been entirely satisfactory. Given this situation, the white club has put a price on the table: 20 million euros.

Ceballos, who extended his contract until 2027 last summer, has faced several challenges since then. An injury early in the season forced him to the bench and since his return he has struggled to find minutes on the field. The competition in the midfield is tough, with players like Luka Modrić leading the Madrid midfield.

The pressure and demands that come with wearing the Real Madrid jersey are known to everyone, and Ceballos is no match for this reality either. Despite the trust Carlo Ancelotti showed him in the past, his role this season has been more secondary than expected.

Offers are accepted, it is not a fixed price

The club didn’t hesitate to set a starting price for the player. As DefensaCentral reports, Real Madrid would be willing to consider his transfer if an offer between 18 and 20 million euros came to the table. This decision is not only a response to the player’s current situation, but also the need to balance the squad and secure financial resources for future investments.

For Ceballos, this is a defining moment in his career. Although his desire is to succeed at Real Madrid, he knows that sometimes it is necessary to explore other options in order to reach his full potential. However, if a satisfactory offer is not made, he will continue to fight for a place in one of the best squads in the history of the white club.

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