Tonight, the world’s largest trade fair, Dubai Expo 2020, is set to open with a grand opening that will run until March 31, 2022.

According to Arab media, various programs are being devised for tourists and Emirati citizens along with the trade fair, the details of which are coming to light from time to time.

The opening ceremony of Dubai Expo 2020 will be broadcast live to more than 430 locations in the UAE so that everyone has the opportunity to participate in this wonderful event.

According to media reports, there will be three spectacular fireworks displays in Dubai on the night of the opening ceremony.

Viewers from anywhere in the world can join the evening’s live streaming worldwide.

The program will also be broadcast on,,

The World Expo will bring together more than 190 countries to discuss key global issues such as climate change, making human habitation more sustainable, ending the digital divide, equal rights to education and health.

During the Dubai Expo 2020, a four-story Emirati pavilion has been built in the style of aircraft wings, highlighting the impact of science and technology on air travel over the next 50 years.



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