The Chek, please? This was the exciting race of waiters in the streets of Paris

However, the French capital witnessed an unusual spectacle This Sunday is extremely traditionalwhere skill and speed are required They became the protagonists of the day.

Nearly 200 restaurant and cafe employees in Paris, dressed in classic aprons and white shirts, took part in the long-awaited revival of Course of the caféa race that tests the skills of the city’s waiters.

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On a lively 2 kilometer route through the Marais district, participants carry a tray with a typical French breakfast, They have shown that service efficiency goes beyond simple speed.

The rules were clear: keep the tray in one hand, don’t run, and be careful not to spill the croissant or a drop of coffee along the way.

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The “Café Course” has its roots in 1914 and although in its early days it was dominated by male waiters, this tradition has remained has been adapted to modern times.

After a break since 2011 due to a lack of sponsorsParis City Hall and the city’s water authority, Eau de Paris, have joined forces Revitalize this event with an investment of 100,000 euros.

Samy Lamrous and Pauline Van Wymeersch emerged as the fastest, Reaching the goal with times of 13 minutes and 30 seconds and 14 minutes and 12 seconds respectively. In addition to the fame, also the winners They received a medal and a night in a luxury hotelRecognizing their skills and commitment to the art of service.

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For the Waiters like Thibault Poullotfrom the historic café-restaurant Procope, Taking part in the race is not just a way to honor your profession, but also to demonstrate the pride and dedication that comes with the art of serving. This event is anything but a simple race, is a tribute to the culture and tradition that defines Paris.

The “Course des Cafés” is not just a competition; It is a testament to cultural wealth and the passion for excellence that characterize the hotel industry in Paris.

The city hopes this event will become a legacy of the 2024 Paris Olympics looking forward to the next editionand invites Parisians and visitors alike to experience the magic of this unique spectacle.


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