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The ChatGPT app available in several European countries

Spain opens an investigation into OpenAI by ChatGPT

OpenAI announces the expansion of its official ChatGPT application for iOS to more countries through a Tweet just a week after announcing it exclusively for the United States. The company confirms that it will be available in 11 new countriesincluding some from Europe.

The ChatGPT app, specifically, now reaches Korea, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria and various countries on the European continent, such as United Kingdom, Albania, Croatia, France, Germany and Ireland. The company’s plans are global, since the application is available in countries on five continents. At the moment it will not be available in Spain, so the only way to access and use the AI ​​is through the web. Soon they will be added in more countries. In its advertisement Original, OpenAI also announced that there will be an application for Android.

Thanks to the use of the account in the application, the history of conversations between devices is saved. You can also take advantage whisper, your system open source speech recognition, which allows voice input. Otherwise, the official ChatGPT app will be used completely free of charge with the GPT-3.5 engine. As with the web version, there is also the option to subscribe to ChatGPT Plus for faster responses, early access to features, and the ability to use the most powerful version of GPT-4.

Features of the ChatGPT app for iOS

The features of the ChatGT app for iPhone are:

  • Instant responses: Accurate information without sifting through ads or multiple results.
  • Advice: if you need to obtain information on topics such as cooking, travel or thoughtful messages for your private conversations.
  • Creative inspiration: Brainstorm gift ideas, sketch out presentations, or write the perfect poem.
  • Professional intervention: Increase productivity with feedback of ideas, summary notes and technical assistance on topics.
  • Learning: the chatbot has the ability to become your learning guide on various topics and disciplines.

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