Home World The car glass killed the innocent girl

The car glass killed the innocent girl

The car glass killed the innocent girl

In the Indian state of Telangana, the carelessness of the car driver took the life of an innocent girl.

According to Indian media reports, in the village of Bujagudem in the state of Telangana A nine-year-old girl named Indraja He came to his relatives’ wedding ceremony.

During the wedding ceremony, some people were dancing happily, while Indraja sat on the back seat of the bride’s car and stuck her neck out of the window to watch the dance.

At the same time, the car driver pressed the button of the window glasses without seeing the girl, as a result of which the neck of the young girl got stuck, the girl screamed badly, but no one heard the innocent voice in the noise of the dance and she died in that condition. Happened.

After the marriage ceremony ended, the girl’s body was taken out and taken to the hospital, where doctors confirmed her death.

According to the local police, on the complaint of the girl’s father, a case has been registered against the driver Shekhar and he has been arrested and further action has been initiated.

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