The Argentine is the best placed to occupy the Elche bench

After dismissing Scribe, the Elche CF the legendary former player will be entrusted Hernan Crespo. The Argentine, without experience in LaLiga, arrives backed by the Argentine owners of the Elche team. Facing the transfer market, an old goal will be reactivated: the Chilean Gary Medel.

In fact, in the summer market they already tried to get the player’s signature, but it was not possible. However, in the January market they will try again to negotiate with the Bologna Italian to get the player back to the Santander League in this January market.

Elche Medel
Medel could call at Elche CF in January

Gary Medel the pivot that Crespo wants in Elche CF

At 34, Medel is still a very important player for Bologna. In total, he has played 12 games in Serie A in which he has been on the pitch 1,046 minutes. A figure that shows that he is vital for Mihajlovic, who uses him both as a midfielder and as a central defender.

Elche CF is very fond of this versatility, who knows that the Chilean is also a leader. Likewise, he has Spanish nationality, so he would not occupy a non-EU record and his signing would not imply a large outlay for the entity due to his contractual situation.

Elche CF wants it for free

Gary Medel has a signed contract with Bologna until June 2022. A situation that favors Elche CF, which knows that if the player wants to return to the Santander League, he will end up doing so. Especially since from January he is free to negotiate his free transfer by the club.

In this way, if they cannot get it out at a very low cost in this same month of January, Medel could end up wearing the colors of Elche CF in June, when it would arrive for free. Be that as it may, it seems that club and player want to join their paths. Hernán Crespo has already given the Ok to Elche.


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