The ‘Bronco’ Lara loses the title on the scale

Mauricio Rough Lara (26-2-1, 19 KOs) has lost his World Boxing Association (WBA) featherweight title on the scale before his first defense. The Mexican, who is going to face Leigh Wood (26-3-0, 16 KO) in a rematch tomorrow in Manchester (8:00 p.m., DAZN), has gone through almost four pounds of catch weight (126 pounds). The British Boxing Board of Control (BBBofC) He forbade Lara to try to reach the weightsince he considered that it was too much and that this descent would not be healthy or safe. If Leigh Wood (26-3-0, 16 KO) wins, he will be proclaimed champion, but if he loses the belt it will be vacant.

Things have not turned out as he would have liked. Rough Lara. At his first defense weigh-in, he lost his WBA featherweight belt for missing weight. The Mexican gave 129.8 pounds when the weight limit was 126 (almost four pounds over). The BBBofC carried out a weight check on the champion during the week, and banned him from trying to drop to 126 pounds for Friday’s weigh-in. They considered that I was too heavy to attempt this descent, since It would not be healthy or safe for the Mexican. “The BBBofC has weight checks during the week of the fight, and in one of them they were not happy with Mauricio Lara looking to make weight safely. so they said that they would not allow him to arrive at the weigh-in under 128.5 pounds”, revealed promoter Eddie Heran to behind the gloves.

The WBA has also been in agreement with the BBBofC’s decision, and the Mexican has not liked this at all. “It has been hard for him. He says that he could reach the weight and that they did not allow him to try to reach it. But the BBBofC decided he was too heavy at that time of the week to try to make weight safely, so he can’t win the World Championship tomorrow night. Indeed, the world title is vacantHearn continued. Leigh Wood weighed in at 125.9 pounds, so if he wins the fight, he could be the champion. If he loses, the belt will be vacated.

Both fighters showed a lot of respect for each other, they even shook hands and even hugged each other. But above the ring there are no friends, and the Mexican has already told Wood that he’s going to knock him out again. In the first fight between the two, in February of this year, Bronco Lara took the title from Leigh Wood by TKO in the seventh round. The British was putting up a good fight, but the Mexican came up with a flown left to jaw who sent him to the canvas and sentenced the fight. His corner threw in the towel seeing the state in which his boxer was left. It is her time to get the belt back from him, since now he is the only one who can win it in this lawsuit.

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