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The Brazilian Justice recalls that it could act in the event of inaction by Spain

The Brazilian Justice recalls that it could act in the event of inaction by Spain

The insults received by Vinicius in Mestalla have outraged all of Spain and the entire planet, but especially to the footballer’s native country. Brazil, beginning with its president Lula da Silva, he has devoted himself from the first moment to the player. Demonstrations of support have continued incessantly, from footballers like Neymar and Koundé, to the turning off of one of the great monuments of the world, the Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, in support of its star.

One of the last to manifest has been Flávio Dino, Minister of Justice and Public Security of Brazil, that through Twitter to remember the existence of a tool that Brazil could use in case it considers that there is inaction on the part of the Spanish authorities in the prosecution of those guilty of the racist attack on Vinicius. It is about the principle of extraterritoriality, according to which, Brazil could apply Brazilian legislation in Spanish territory. “The principle of extraterritoriality is in the Penal Code, derived from a request from the Minister of Justice. Extreme remedy in case of crime against Brazilians, which can be useful in case of inaction of the initially competent authorities. It can work in response to unfair aggression against a compatriot”, assures Dino in a first tweet.

In a second tweet, the Brazilian Minister clarifies that it is only a reminder that this possibility exists, but that several factors must be given that are still being analyzed. And he recalls that Spain also contemplates the principle of extraterritoriality in its Penal Code. “The issue of extraterritoriality is still under analysis and depends on a series of factors. I only remind you that it is in the Penal Code, since some are questioning the mention that I made of it as an extreme remedy. I think it is useful for everyone to know about the existence of this protection for the rights of Brazilians. By the way, the principle also exists in Spain and other countries“, it states.

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