Home World The body of a minor was found in a toy box.

The body of a minor was found in a toy box.

From a foreign news agency Reports A four-year-old boy died in Britain after being found dead in a toy box.

The boy of the British family slept in his room at night and when the family went to see him in the room in the morning, there was no one there.

The parents got angry when the four-year-old boy disappeared from Ketch’s house, they started looking everywhere for him, when they couldn’t find the boy anywhere, they got tired and got help from the police.

The police looked everywhere for the boy, but could not find him.

According to the report, hurricane police searched the boy’s room after the parents’ statement and found the boy’s body in a toy box in the room.

The boy’s parents were shocked to see their son’s body in a toy box.

Police said that according to the autopsy report, the boy died of suffocation. Further investigations into the incident are underway.

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