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The bodies of 14 people who drowned in the sea have been recovered, dozens are missing


Colombo: The bodies of 14 passengers of a boat that sank a week ago in Sri Lanka have been found. There were 39 people in the boat.

A foreign news agency According to the report On May 16, a boat belonging to a Chinese company sank, the said boat had left Cape Town, South Africa for Busan, South Korea on May 5.

The Chinese government’s initial investigation into the horrific accident concluded that there were no survivors in the boat that capsized on May 16.

International search and rescue efforts have so far recovered 14 bodies from the sea during the search operation with the help of 3 planes and 4 boats.

According to the report, 17 Chinese, 17 Indonesian and 5 Filipino nationals were on board Lu Peng Yuan U 028 and it was in Australia’s vast search and rescue region, 5,000 kilometers west of Perth.

In this regard, the Sri Lankan Navy has said that its divers recovered two bodies, while another 12 have been identified.

According to China’s Ministry of Transport, rescue workers have cordoned off an area of ​​about 64,000 square kilometers where no trace of survivors has been found.

According to the report, the fishing vessel first experienced difficulties last week when Cyclone Fabian generated waves as high as seven meters and winds of up to 120 km per hour in the area, making it difficult to control the boat. Couldn’t get a chance.

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