Hello crypto mates! It’s been a few turbulent days. The bitcoin price is on the important support from $28,000-30,000 while UST’s peg with the dollar lost and luna crashed completely. In this video I share some thoughts about the current situation.

If you have suffered significant losses as a result of the recent price action, it helps to literally step away from the markets. Try to keep the long-term focus!

Bitcoin, altcoins and NFTs

I myself dived into the world of crypto at the end of 2019 and have also delved more into equities from the beginning of 2020. I have now found my life mission: a financially healthy life for everyone. At my English- and Dutch I make videos about crypto and stocks under the name ‘Nesami’ on YouTube channels, using my FUPITA method: fundamental, financial and technical analysis. When it comes to crypto, I follow the latest developments in bitcoin, altcoins and NFTs. Are you curious how I can help you with investing in crypto and stocks? Then take a look at my websiteor start right away with it invest in yourself


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